Dance-Fusion Performance TrainingDANCE-FUSION Stage Performance and Tutor Training  Programme is uniquely designed to not only train dance enthusiasts in technical aspects of various popular Free-Style dance disciplines, but also to unlock the potential of aspiring dancers to develop a broad spectrum of professional and business skills and provide an appreciation of the management principles, techniques and expertise required in preparing dance presentations, performances and the development and management of a full stage production.Dance Fusion Performance Training and Development Programme is a special project of the Caribbean Dance Explosion and its member schools, organizations, associates and members . . . REGISTER NOW for DANCE FUSION PROGRAM!Free-Style, Hip-Hop, Dance-Hall, Latin, Modern-Contemporary, Folk, Indo & Afro Caribbean Dance
Also RECRUITING – Licensed ZUMBA Fitness, Free-Style, Hip-Hop & Latin Dance Tutors &  Trainers –  Special TDP-FTT Programs . . . see details or REGISTER NOW to qualify to become a programme instructor.Register for Dance-Fusion Performance Training Program

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