Caribbean Dance Festival

Caribbean Dance Explosion Presents Caribbean Dance Fest.

Caribbean Dance Festival & Dance Championships

The Caribbean Dance Festival (Caribbean Dance Fest) will be hosted in Trinidad and Tobago, where regional and international dancers, tutors and professionals will come together for 4 days of multicultural dance workshops, championship events and world-class dance performances on a Caribbean based World Stage.

This event will bring together world class practitioners and enthusiasts to share and exchange experiences, techniques and ever-changing dance styles with local and regional students and participants, also giving the opportunity for local and regional expertise and performances to be showcased and presented to the world.   

Dance Fest aims to embed traditional and cultural dance forms into the curriculum of dance development efforts in the region, with a key objective of providing a platform for our young and skilled dancers and professionals to be exposed to the many opportunities that exist in the dance arena and to showcase their own performance achievements. 

 Highlights of the Caribbean Dance Fest include: 

  • 4 days of multicultural and multidisciplinary dance workshops, activities and events;
  • Top regional & international dancers & professional workshop coordinators;
  • A Caribbean Dance Merchandising and Services Marketplace;
  • The Caribbean Free-Style Dance Championships;
  • The Caribbean Ballroom & Latin Dance Championships;
  • Performance Showcase, Award Ceremony and Grand Dance Party.

A.    Dance Workshops

Regional and International renowned dance tutors and professionals will be sharing their experience techniques and new styles over a 3 day period, in a multi-disciplinary series of workshops at beginners to advance level.  Workshops will be held on techniques, principles and new developments in dance styles from wide range of dance disciplines including: Cultural Dances, Street-Dances, Latin, Ballroom, Classical, East-Indian Rhythms, African Rhythms, Modern and Contemporary.

B.    Dance Championships Overview

The Caribbean Dance Championships will be major events of the Caribbean Dance Fest, with participants and competitors expected from several Caribbean islands and other international origins.  The Championship event will host champions and qualifying winners of the National Competitions in Caribbean territories, who will also compete against other highly skilled dancers wishing to challenge the Caribbean Dance Championships for the Challenge Trophy and Prizes. 

Caribbean Dance Explosion will be working with national dance schools and interest groups in several Caribbean territories, assisting in the facilitation of their national competitions.  Each participating country or territory will host a National Dance Competition for dancers in their respective territories, with the winners or top placing finalists to be promoted to the Grand Finale of the Caribbean Dance Championships as a key element of their grand prize award.

The National Free-Style Dance Competition doubles as a preliminary screening for the Caribbean Free-Style Dance Championships, and the National Ballroom & Latin Dance Competition follows this, which will be screening for individual couples vying for a place in the Caribbean Ballroom and Latin Dance Championships

C.    Free-Style Dance Championships

The Free-style Dance Championships is an all-inclusive, multidisciplinary dance and group/team performance category of the Caribbean Dance Fest, and will follow similar format as the preliminary or national events (‘National Free-Style Dance Competition’) and host the best performances of competing dance team finalists.  There may be further guidelines to be incorporated into the championship event in transition from the national or preliminary competitions to the Caribbean Championship Finals.  Competition details are being made available online for the National Free-Style and National Ballroom & Latin Dance Competitions.

The competition format focuses on inspiring not only the high-level skills-set of our talented dancers, but to elevate their performing standards to stage production and world performance level.  The Free-Style Dance Competition embraces our cultural diversities and transcends the borders of our many cultural differences, with a unique format and all-inclusive arena of dance styles for dancers with diverse dance background and training, be it formal or informal.  See full details of the general competition rules, judging criteria, competition structure and format here.

D.    Ballroom and Latin Dance Championships

This Championship event will be divided into two separate categories:  BALLROOM – which will focus on the traditional or classical Ballroom and Latin dances;  and LATIN – which will focus on the Club or Free-Style Latin Dances.  

The Competition’s structure will follow similar format to previous National Dance Championships, in that the competition will be done in two parts.   Couples will compete in three dances; two are compulsory (Dance Items: 1 and 2 in the respective categories as listed below) and will be judged in a group format of 3-4 couples at a time.  The third dance will be an individual showpiece dance and will be the choice of the Finalists in each category.  The dances of the competition will be as follows:

 Ballroom / Latin:

1. Waltz   2. Cha Cha Cha   3. Social Foxtrot   4. Rumba  5. Quickstep  6. Samba  7. Jive 

  Free-Style / Club Latin:

1. Salsa/Mambo  2. Merengue  3. Cha Cha Cha   4. Rumba  5. Argentine Tango  6. Swing/Jive

Full details of the general competition rules, judging criteria, competition structure and format will be made available for viewing on-line at the Caribbean Dance Explosion Website.

E.     Performance Showcase & Award Ceremony

The Dance Explosion Performance Showcase and Award Ceremony will be the final major event highlight of this dance holiday and will comprise three main events namely,

  1. the Dance Explosion Performance Showcase which will present top level performances by regional and international dancers and dance groups; 
  2. the Award Ceremony with presentation of results and prizes of the Dance Championships;  &
  3. a Grand All-Dance Party as the grand finale of the Caribbean Dance Festival. 

This function will be hosted at the Caribbean Dance Festival Dinner and Dance.

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